Change of Plans

After being announced as Colorado PGA’s new executive director, UCCS grad won’t be taking the job after all

By Gary Baines – 2/22/2022

As Emily Litella — aka Gilda Radner — famously said on numerous Saturday Night Live sketches in the 1970s, “Never mind.”

A week after the Colorado PGA announced that its new executive director would be Ali Wells, the current E.D. of the Gateway PGA, a major audible has been called.

An officer from the Colorado PGA board of directors said on Tuesday that after Wells had signed a letter of intent to take the job leading the Colorado PGA’s staff, she declined the CPGA’s offer that would have finalized the deal.

As of Tuesday, the Colorado PGA’s announcement of the hire on its website had been removed — as had other similar stories regarding the hire.

Wells was to be the successor to Eddie Ainsworth, who departed his leadership role at the Colorado PGA in December after nearly 14 years in the position. The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs graduate would have been the first female executive director in CPGA history. Wells was quoted in last week’s release about how excited she was to join the Colorado PGA as its next E.D.

So for Colorado PGA leadership, it’s now back to the task of filling the executive director job. The Section’s past executive directors have been Jerry King, Myran Craig, Scott Wellington, Darrell Bock and Ainsworth. 

(About the writer: Gary Baines has covered golf in Colorado continuously since 1983. He was a sports writer at the Daily Camera newspaper in Boulder, then the sports editor there, and has written regularly for since 2009. He was voted into the Colorado Golf Hall of Fame in 2021. Email: